R.I.S.E. Academy
(Redefining Identity through Service & Empowerment)

Founded in 2020, RISE Academy is our cornerstone program for young men in grades 6th -12th. As an intergenerational mentoring program, this program provides support, opportunities, and fun experiences.

RISE Academy is a school year journey in which young men engage in intensive self-reflection and develop positive critical thinking habits. The Academy teaches young people to be responsible for their actions, helpful to their community, learn about the benefits of further education, and much more! Over the course of 36 weeks, mentees attend group coaching sessions, take tutoring classes, and receive vocational training from one of our ever-expanding community partners. Youth join the academy by application or referral by a school, parent, or social agency.

To progress to the conclusion of the program, mentees MUST have a participation rate of 90% during the 36-week program. When a student reaches the end of the program, they will attend a celebration where they will receive a certificate of completion, and most of all, they will receive an opportunity to continue their mentoring journey through our H.U.T. Groups (coming in Summer 2023).

Upon acceptance, participants of RISE Academy learn about:

Creating Our Space
Learning Through Reflection
Knowledge of Self
Learning in Service
Staying True to Yourself
Thinking Critically
Improving Judgment
Processing Emotions
Healing Relationships
Achieving Our Goals
Managing Time
Dealing with Pressure
Communicating Effectively
Exercising Leadership

Program consist of:
(2) Group Coaching sessions per month
Vocational Training
Tutoring Classes
Community Service Opportunities
And MUCH more!

Goals of the Program:
Improve students reading comprehension by 5% by the end of the first year.
At the end of year one, there will be a 5% reduction in referrals related to school behavior.
Improve student employability skills by 5% by the end of the first year.

Once a year (Months of June & July)
Must not have had contact with Juvenile court in the past 12 months

Youth who meet regularly with their mentors are:

46% less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs and 27% less likely to start drinking. (Public/Private Ventures study of Big Brothers Big Sisters)

52% less likely than their peers to skip a day of school and 37% less likely to skip a class. (Public/Private Ventures Study of Big Brothers Big Sisters)