The Village Has Built A Platform Focused On Mentoring

We envision building healthy generational and community legacies

Lifting up the community

The Village’s mission is to proactively identify needs of the underserved by fostering positive relationships that connect families & communities.

Facilitating healthy youth & family development

The Village is designed to build a proactive support network around youth & families.


The Village is more than a program, it’s an inter-generational community that is composed of new and existing community resources (e.g., programs, services, adult mentors, churches, local businesses, non-profits, etc.) that are then integrated and repositioned to build a local support network around the youth and their families.

There are three main areas in which The Village focuses its programming, mentoring, family development, and community engagement.

Be the change. Build the community and support our future.



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The Village Anderson actively identifies needs of the under served by fostering positive relationships that connect families & communities.

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Young men grades 6-12
RISE Academy offers support, opportunities, fun experiences, and encouragement to young men as an intergenerational mentoring community.

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Mentoring promotes positive social attitudes and relationships. Mentored youth tend to trust their parents more and communicate better with them.

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